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CPVC is a junior travel volleyball club for girls and boys offering highly competitive national and regional teams at the lowest price possible. Our focus is a fun, hardworking, no drama atmosphere that promotes positivity and good character throughout the entire club.

Our inaugural 2022 season was a HUGE success!   During our pre-season planning, we expected to have only 2 teams.  But from a large outpouring of community interest and support, we were able to field 5 girls teams and 1 boys team!  Our athletes came from a large geographical area shown on the map below.  Our success didn't end there... 

2022 Season Success Highlights:

  • 8 team medals, including a Division 1 CR championship

  • 1 individual tournament MVP award

  • A 100% recruitment rate of our 2022 seniors to play at the collegiate level

  • A significant amount of interest from college coaches in many of our sophomore and junior athletes. 

More Details About Us:

Geographic Reach:

10 counties
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