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At Carolina Performance Volleyball Club we strive to provide fun, family oriented, highly competitive travel volleyball teams at the lowest price possible. We spread our knowledge and passion for the game among junior volleyball players in such a way that promotes positivity, hard work, zero drama and good character that will transfer into every aspect of their lives.


  • INTEGRITY - Honesty, consistency and strong moral principles

  • RESPECT - Ethical behavior; being respectful of self and all others

  • TEAM DEDICATIONAs an individual, making choices and having an attitude that reflects whatever is best for the team

  • HARD WORKSkills are developed and mastered through consistent maximum effort

  • CHALLENGEBeing open to learning and mastering new or different methods as a means to play at a higher level as an individual and a team

  • COMMUNICATE -  Active communication about anything concerning the player that might affect the team between parents, players, and coaches within proper chain of command is crucial to prevent problems and unpreparedness

  • TRANSPARENCY - Acting and communicating in a consistent manner no matter the situation or who may be watching.


A core CPVC goal is the continuous development and improvement of player skills – individual, team, physical, and mental.  From players learning basic skills to elite, well trained athletes, there is always opportunity for players to improve.  The primary goal of coaches is to actively work with players to continuously enhance proficiency and advance their skill level in a positive and fun environment.


CPVC takes the club tryout process very seriously. We make every attempt to place players on teams corresponding with their ability, attitude, and potential. While making a CPVC team guarantees players the opportunity to learn and apply the skills and concepts of volleyball at practices, there is not a guarantee of playing time or how a player is utilized on the court during any given tournament match or other competitive situation.  Our coaches are committed to developing all players’ skills and they have the responsibility of helping their players prepare to play and contribute, but there is also a responsibility for team performance. Ultimately team deployment on the court is a coaching decision based on the game situation at hand.


Many factors are used to determine how much playing time each player receives.  These factors include athleticism, knowledge of the volleyball system, and effectiveness of individual skills, but just as much importance is placed on coachability, effort, attendance and a positive team-oriented attitude.


Our coaching method is based on instruction, demonstration, praise and constructive criticism.  A player cannot correct a mistake or continue to hone individual skills without proper teaching.  Our coaches will always remain calm when making a correction and speak to players respectfully.  We expect the same type of communication from our players and parents towards coaches, other players, officials and other parents.


Praise and cheer for a job well done, on the other hand, is a time to get excited!  We hope and expect all players, coaches and parents to participate in the support and recognition of accomplishments by individuals and teams.  That is one of the many things that makes volleyball FUN and rewarding!!


A complete copy of our Club Policies and Rules can be found HERE.

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