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Recruiting Tools

  • Recruiting Websites: Although we are not recruiting experts, below are some websites we used to help gain interest from college coaches.  In order of most to least helpful for us.

    • NCSA - From personal experience, this is an EXCELLENT tool for athletes that wish to be recruited. At least 10 of the 14 college team placement offers Coach Jorja received were initiated through NCSA. It gives you a one-stop shop to manage all your recruiting research and communication.  Find schools that match your desired location, division, size, major, demographic, etc.  Email coaches directly from the system and they can contact you.  You have the ability to see which coaches have read your email and which ones have viewed your profile.  Post Hudl and YouTube highlight videos or NCSA can create highlight videos for you. There are 4 levels of membership ranging from free to $2k+. If playing in college is very important to you and if your family can afford the investment, we recommend one of the two highest membership levels. However, any membership level can be helpful.

    • Be Recruited - Be Recruited generated a decent amount of interest from coaches for Jorja. It has been redesigned since our days of recruitment and may be even more beneficial now.

    • University Athlete - Some tournaments, such as Big South, specifically use this system. It is free to athletes.  We experienced a small amount of interest from this platform, spcifically after Big South. 
    • Captain U
    • Sports Recruits



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